08. simulcast :: los angeles ends (vol. 2)
"i learned to drive to read los angeles in the original." - reyner banham
'los angeles ends' is a record about my mom dying of cancer, big relationships falling apart, and the way that trauma makes the apocalypse
feel like an appealing alternative to life. it's about channeling the kinetic energy of anxiety, finding small pockets of humor and community
under crippling authoritarian rule, and deciding that – at a fundamental level – you no longer want life to end.
it's very easy to imagine the end of the world right now, it's much harder to imagine how best to live in it.

07. sonoda :: karaoke life
for growth from struggle, for lessons and challenges. for years lisa sonoda has guided us through her sonic universe to gaze and contemplate
upon the arcs of existence by way of waves of sines. with karaoke life, recorded live to 2" tape, we find her for the first time supported by a band of six close friends
to articulate a vision. if karaoke rewards those who read from the script, act with linearity, and find comfort in familiarity
then karaoke life is a practice in looking away from the screen, pulling the plug on the music, and singing your own song.

06. holy pink :: meditation hymns for an electronic age
"round, soft, colourful, senseless and unknowing. polka-dots can't stay alone; like the communicative life of people, two or three polka-dots become movement... polka-dots are a way to infinity." - yayoi kusama
emanating from the peaks and valleys of los angeles is the electronic synthesis duo of anna wallace and tim murray. as oscillating synths blossom through color and vibration
holy pink conjure a sonic landscape to lay consciousness upon, sharing inspiration from sound healing, desert landscapes, and self-transformation.
as a classically trained operatic vocalist with a deep appreciation for pioneers such as pauline oliveros, laurie anderson, and midori takada anna's atmospheric songwriting,
complemented and realized with tim's minimalist compositions, nurture a growth and decay that comes just in time for spring.

05. alexia avina :: betting on an island
through the carving, looping, and amplifying of her mesmerizing voice, alexia avina has for the last several years become a
fixture, organizer, and sometimes resident of montreal's supportive diy community, la plante. this album lays out her most lush production to date,
leading us through an ocean of tender pop all her own.

04. soul worm :: headbee
between the glove, bohemian grove, and flowers for all occasions mallie sanford has become a warm and nurturing character
among brooklyn's independent arts communities. their work as a visual artist and as a musician informs one another,
often marrying a wide eyed vision of playful expression with the surreality of our modern conditions. throughout soul worm's first physical release
we find mallie creating textures and songs that oscillate between elegance and disintegration, crafting and crooning lullabies for the end of times.

03. mutual benefit :: i saw the sea
a sharing of loss, of recovery, of overcoming, and becoming, 'i saw the sea' is a covenant with the orchestral nature of being.
one of interdependence despite isolation, of growing with loss in the infinite experience of what is, of self-determined transformation.
originally released as a small run among friend in 2011, we're honored to bring this back into circulation as a tour only cassette.

02. there are no thieves in this town :: memory changes
as a meditation on permanence and the fluidity of our closest relationships, memory changes is an album born
from a process of grief and growth. this collection of sounds is for anyone who has been affected by cancer.
let this album heal your scars that no one sees, hold you in your times of need, and provide a soundscape for
when all you can do is sit, breathe, and be. (50% of all sales will be donated to the women's cancer research fund)

01. cuddle formation :: here i'll be forever
assembled in fragments over the course of three years, 'here i'll be forever' is a message of comradeship and
solidarity to tender (and angry) humans worldwide: we can exist and thrive apart from our toxic dominant culture.
we can develop and nurture communities founded on empathy, accountability, and abolition.
in our everyday actions we can practice the foundation for something truly transformative,
a place that is for everyone who is willing to work together to make a meaningful difference.