05. soul worm | headbee
coming in early 2018

04. amanda glasser | caelesti radio
coming in december

03. mutual benefit | i saw the sea
a sharing of loss, of recovery, of overcoming, and becoming, 'i saw the sea' is a covenant with the orchestral nature of being.
one of interdependence despite isolation, of growing with loss in the infinite experience of what is, of self-determined transformation.
originally released as a small run among friend in 2011, we're honored to bring this back into circulation as a tour only cassette.

02. there are no thieves in this town | memory changes
as a meditation on permanence and the fluidity of our closest relationships, memory changes is an album born
from a process of grief and growth. this collection of sounds is for anyone who has been affected by cancer.
let this album heal your scars that no one sees, hold you in your times of need, and provide a soundscape for
when all you can do is sit, breathe, and be. (50% of all sales will be donated to the women's cancer research fund)

01. cuddle formation | here i'll be forever
assembled in fragments over the course of three years, 'here i'll be forever' is a message of comradeship and
solidarity to tender (and angry) humans worldwide: we can exist and thrive apart from our toxic dominant culture.
we can develop and nurture communities founded on empathy, accountability, and abolition.
in our everyday actions we can practice the foundation for something truly transformative,
a place that is for everyone who is willing to work together to make a meaningful difference.