be present
redefine family
nurture community
prioritize abolitionism
dismantle white supremacy
destroy intolerable systems
coming up
summer nights at the moma w mutual benefit
lost coast fest in arcata
winter tour w mutual benefit
(past shows)

here i'll be forever (2017)
dreams of bermuda (2014)
my friend george (2014)
earthbound (2013)
your loving brother (2011)
israel (2011)
berlin (2010)
fire island (2009)
magic points (2008)

other projects
silent barn
24hr show
never content
mutual benefit
la art book fair
fmly + fmly fest
friends first fest
composing community
enchantment as enlightenment

pls read
safer spaces
fvck the media
intersectional activism
a declaration of principles
activism & activist subjectivity
harm reduction for diy venues
building: a diy guide to creating spaces,
hosting events, and fostering radical communities

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♫ - bc, sc